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26 April 2010 Written by  

Iceland in crisis

The answer to the crisis in Iceland lies in inspiring people to courageous, new ideas. {jb_quoteright}Every crisis is an opportunity{/jb_quoteright} Our focus is on creating new, home-grown companies – future-looking, sustainable companies built on sound, scalable ideas that create new jobs and new perspectives.

A unique format for Iceland

We have been working hard to stretch the well proven format of business plan competitions to invent the international Icelandic business plan competition. It is better, it addresses the needs of Icelandic entrepreneurs, Iceland and other participants. We incorporated the famous Icelandic expertise in renewable, green energy and creativity. Its unique features show a mutual benefit from the beginning.

Business Plan Competition
Business plan competitions as an instrument for creating innovative companies were born during the eighties at the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The key to their great success in regional economic development was to foster close cooperation between universities, entrepreneurs and financiers to form a "local innovation system". We believe strongly that such a competition will make a significant contribution to Iceland's comeback.