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The Icelandic international business plan competition was a unique project particularly designed for Iceland after the financial and banking crisis in 2008.
Key points were to address not only the challenges after the crisis, but to have an adjusted BP format right in place for the Icelandic start-up ecosystem.
Its features were all carefully considered to leverage Icelandic –international start-ups beyond the problems related to Iceland’s geo location and its resources.

The project ended in 2013.

If you are interested to learn more about the particular features of a modern, accelerating business plan concept, contact us or the project consultant for the startup competition.
An assessment of Iceland 5 years after the crisis you find here.

Resources for start-ups are here. They are updated in regular intervals.

Icelandic International Business Plan Competition

23 December 2010 Written by   Published in Competition

An international business plan competition in Iceland inviting participants from all over Europe/world in 2011/2012, bringing entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow together and helping Iceland in this crisis. The call for participation will probably be as follows:


We invite everybody to participate in the first Icelandic international business plan competition. Participants are invited to develop ideas and plans that are realized in Iceland or based on Icelandic strength and resources.  

The competition awards a special price for the best “green tech” or energy saving project.


(Might be subject to changes)


 If you want to know more stay revisit us.


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