Icelandic (Nordic) start-ups going international (EU)

You are an Icelandic or Nordic start-up planning to enter an other European market? You think of going to Germany and heard a lot about Berlin and their great start-up ecosystem?

a great start-up service helping you

This service for start-ups giving advice helps you with your goal on going to Germany. They have also experience with other EU markets.

Prior we recommend you to read this two part serious about Berlin from a Nordic view:

The author pretty much sums up cultural differences between the Nordics and Germany. But there are many more.

There is not only Berlin for start-ups

Do not focus on Berlin only. Munich is a very attractive place, too and at the heart of German industry not only with car manufacturing.
Fintech start-ups might prefer to look at Frankfurt where some incubators by big banks are located.


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